micontent: my internet content

Our belief is for a website to become popular with the community it
intends to attract, it needs to have its own unique ‘story’. Whether you are a real estate broker, property development marketer, sell gardening equipment, are an image and beauty consultant, sell electronic drum kits, or are a broadband comparison website, you are only one business amongst a multitude.

The key is to differentiate your company’s identity from the competition by
expressing a true image of your personal interests, expertise and perspective
about the service or product you specialise in.

Firstly, we have to get people to know your website exists. The popular
search engines like Google are not interested in how well your website is
designed. Their ‘spiders’ search the internet and rank websites according to
their supposed ‘value’ to the community. This value is judged on how much a
website’s writing has incorporated popular search query phrases and words into
its text. However, this isn’t the whole story.