micontent: my internet content

Creating hyperlinks to your own content and other related websites:

Search engines look at how many deep links you have on your site, that is how
many links you have from one website page or article to another related page.
The ‘spiders’ also look at how many links you have to external websites related to
your specific area of business, as well as incoming links from reputable sources
back to your own site.


Updating new web content:

The search engines focus on how often you add new, fresh content to your
website, as this shows you are actively interested in what your site produces and discusses.


Become a communication portal:

If people see your website not only as a place to purchase goods or services,
but also as a place to find worthwhile information, it can become a portal
of communication
. When others comment on your blog posts, you comment
on theirs, and people begin communicating with each other on topic on your
website. Both the wider community and the automated search engine algorithms
now see your site as being a valuable contributor.


Your website is an information source:

Over time, as your number of pages of content builds up, you keep adding new
articles regularly, and as traffic increases Google and the other search engines
rate you higher and higher on their search query page lists. This means when a
person searches for a term (keyword) related to your industry or market, your
website comes up higher on their page rankings.

Note: You must be aware Google and its inherent algorithms are incredibly well
developed and can ‘see through’ false attempts at content creation. Anyone can
put up an article full of keywords related to a specific topic, but this does not
mean it’s good writing.

The search engines judge the quality and originality of your website copy. If
you are publishing boring articles full of keywords, but which lack story or
spirit, the search engines actually downgrade your ranking status. This is where
integrating your unique passion, experience, and knowledge about your product
into the content can be so powerful. Your articles are interesting to read, as well
as using the phrases and terms people are searching for.