micontent: my internet content


Business Lite:

$649.00 per month plus GST

6-month Starter Plan

Note: The following schedule is flexible and can be tailored to a business’s unique needs depending on your industry and desired outcomes.

Month 1:


  • Website evaluation discussing structure, content, user-friendliness, and interactivity of site.
  • Content consultation with client: discussion of content strategy to be undertaken.
  • Create social media strategy.
  • Write first blog article (500 words), or 500 words of website content.


Month 2:


  • Basic SEO keywords analysed and reported.
  • Set-up blog
  • Write blog bio (500 words)
  • Set-up Facebook, Google+, and Twitter accounts.
  • Write second keyword-enriched article (500 words)


Month 3:


  • Comment on related blogs and forums.
  • Create blogroll.
  • Interview staff members to discover related sites.
  • Write third keyword-enriched article (500 words)


Month 4:

  • Begin to integrate internal and external hyperlinks between website and blog and vice versa.
  • Training of relevant staff members on how to add links, images, video to blog.
  • Write fourth keyword-enriched article (500 words)


Month 5:


  • One edit of a 500-word article or of website content (integrating keywords), or
  • Fifth keyword-enriched article in line with review of SEO keywords (500 words)
  • Posting on all relevant social media sites.


Month 6:


  • Edit/rewrite 500-word article or of website content (integrating keywords), or
  • Write sixth keyword-enriched article (500 words)
  • Write seventh keyword-enriched article (500 words)


Note: Total amount of website text delivered within this package is 4,000 words, equivalent to 8
articles. This can be done with 7 articles plus the blog bio, 6 articles plus 500 words of editing and
the blog bio, or 5 articles plus 1,000 words of editing and the blog bio.