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Flexible/Website Projects/By the hour:


Charged at $80.00 – $120.00 per hour plus GST depending on difficulty
level and time constraints of project



Flexible work is any type of one-off project (once and done), as opposed to MiContent’s usual
Starter and Ongoing content packages.


Website Content Writing Special Offer

MiContent currently has a special offer for one-off website writing projects. We will provide 10 pages of text, equal to 2,000 words or less, for the very affordable cost of $1,199.00 plus GST (normally charged at $70.00 per 100 words). Although this price is low, you will still receive the same high level of quality writing we always aim to provide.

SEO Keyword Analysis Special Offer

MiContent also has a special offer on an SEO keyword analysis for your business’s website. We will analyse 10 chosen search terms to discover their related specific phrases, associated traffic, and competition. Normally $400.00 plus GST – now only $249.00 plus GST.

Please note these are limited offers, and additional costs will apply for extra pages and/or text. Add-ons such as setting up of social media pages, website analysis etc are also charged as extras.


Examples of one-off copywriting or content based projects are:

Writing articles, writing blog posts, editing website text, structural or copy editing, rewriting, proofreading, blog construction, social media strategies, SEO keyword analysis, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and other social networking site construction and/or updating, blog and forum commenting on related sites, blogroll construction, media releases, poll and survey creation, email newsletters, website analysis, copywriting for print advertising and media, internal and external hyperlinking of articles and websites, integration and captioning for blog images and video, interviews, teaching staff about social media, meta tags and meta descriptions, and of course SEO keyword-enriched writing.


Note: Some clients may wish to partake in flexible work to see the quality of MiContent’s content writing before signing on for an ongoing 6-month package. 6-month Starter packages are designed to encompass all necessary elements of website content creation, whereas ‘Flexible’ projects will focus solely on the specified tasks ordered by the client.

MiContent is not interested in vague or poorly described writing projects and will either reject or necessitate further hourly fees in order to ascertain exactly what a person requires in their brief.

MiContent does not charge by the word or by the article.

If you are interested in obtaining a quote, please note times quoted are approximate, and if more time is needed MiContent will inform you during the process.

One-off flexible projects can be any type of content creation, be it online or in print format.