micontent: my internet content

MiContent specialises in a personalised and local approach to content writing
for websites, blogs and other media requiring the written word. Our main focus
is on small to medium sized businesses who are either time-poor, or who don’t
have the necessary skills to write professional quality articles for their business.
MiContent can provide you with:


Website and Blog Article Writing:

Website Content Editing:

Social Media Strategies, Construction and Updates:

SEO Keyword Analysis for Content

Website Content Analysis:

Copywriting Services:


Corporate Services:


MiContent aims to provide its clients with a holistic approach to website content,
blog article, and social media creation and implementation. Content is written
after interviews and research with clients, so the knowledge and enthusiasm
imparted can be integrated into the stories and articles on your business’s

MiContent’s goal is for you the client to ultimately feel the articles represented
on your website are, ‘My internet content’. You own the writing and have your
name as author, because in reality you are the writer. We’re simply turning your
thoughts, ideas, opinions, information and experience into text on the pages of
your own business website or blog.