micontent: my internet content

MiContent has extensive experience writing in the corporate sphere,
undertaking a wide range of writing, editing and proofreading services. If you
need any of the corporate writing tasks listed below, please contact MiContent.

  • Business Profiles
  • Business Plans
  • Industry Market Analysis
  • General Copywriting
  • Mission and Vision Statements
  • Scripts for TV and Video Advertisements
  • Employee and Company Profiles
  • Surveys, Questionnaires and Polls
  • Interviews
  • Media Releases
  • Technical Manuals
  • Award and Funding applications
  • Articles
  • Tenders and Proposals
  • Reports
  • Training Materials
  • Policies, Procedures and Work Instructions

Corporate Writing is charged at the Flexible rate of between AUD $80.00
and $120.00 per hour, depending on the difficulty of the project. Although
these prices are extremely competitive, our work will never be less than
professional quality.