micontent: my internet content

MiContent specialises in writing website text and SEO keyword blog articles,
but is flexible and able to tackle just about any type of writing or editing job you
may need. Jesse S. Somer has a Bachelor Degree of Professional Writing and a
Master Degree in Creative Writing, Publishing and Editing from the University of
Melbourne. There is rarely a topic or sphere of writing MiContent can’t help you

In both online and print realms, MiContent can do one-off content writing
projects, content rewriting, proofreading, copy and structural editing,
SEO keyword analysis, social media updates, email and print newsletters,
copywriting for brochures and other print publications, media releases,
interviews, journalism, creation of polls and surveys, internal and external
hyperlinking, blog creation, News articles, story writing, screenplays, song lyrics
and even poetry.

MiContent’s flexible content writing and editing work is charged by the hour at
between $80 and $120 AUD, depending on the level of difficulty and extent of
research necessary for the job. Feel free to make an enquiry and ask for a quote.

MiContent is interested in working on projects where clients desire a high
quality standard of writing. We do not charge by the word or by article length.
If you are interested in obtaining a large volume of text devoid of true character
and style for a dirt-cheap price simply so you can attempt to drive traffic to your
site, you are best to contact one of the many budget writers online where English
is their second language.

MiContent’s various ongoing packages have been designed for websites who
wish to build an online presence without having to worry about word counts,
hours worked, or number of articles. These clients know high quality websites
need a consistent flow of original organic content, and that a business’s article
base needs to be grown over time.

To create a website identity seen as a source of information, a place of social
interaction based around a specific topic of interest, and as a base of interesting,
creative and unique articles, it does take time. Online content creation is not
an overnight panacea. It is a long-term solution to ensuring a steady stream of
customer traffic, and towards formation of a genuine internet identity.

MiContent can write content for your small to medium sized business’s
website reflecting your unique image and industry perspective. We expertly
sew SEO keywords into the writing without losing the integrity and authenticity
of your articles. After researching what the people behind the business are
passionate about in relation to their work, we integrate this enthusiasm into the
writing, so it genuinely becomes ‘My internet content’.