micontent: my internet content

You’ve probably heard all about social media and social networking websites,
like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Delicious, Google+, LinkedIn, Digg, Reddit and
StumbleUpon. The list of these places for online interaction goes on ad infinitum.
However, did you know these portals for communication can help your website
get more traffic (visitors), thus offering more opportunities for business?

MiContent will set-up accounts for you at all the major social networking sites,
and if you already have them, we’ll teach you and your staff how they can be
used to help share your fresh, new content as soon as it has been written. If you
don’t want to have to update these sites yourself, some MiContent packages
offer social media updates as part of the plan.

Every time you add a new article or blog post to your website you can put a
link to it at social media networks. You can also boost awareness of your internet
brand and presence by being a source of knowledge and opinion on these various
networking sites.

The focus is to have as many means as possible to connect with possible
clientele, as well as becoming an integral part of the social fabric woven around
your unique niche area of expertise. It is very rare for a business to be seen as
professional without having social media sites pointing to its website, or without
creating dialogue with people online.