micontent: my internet content


Have you ever heard of a content-driven website? If not, you may have thought
spending a lot of money on your website design and having a great product or
service was enough to be discovered as an online identity in your field of work.
The simple fact is it’s not enough. You’ll know this by the lack of free, organic
web traffic coming to your website each month.

Do you use paid advertising to get people to come to your website? If so, you’ll be
aware using banners and Google ads can be quite effective at getting traffic in the
short-term, but it can also be costly. Content-driven websites are focussed on the
long-term viability of being an online business presence.


Building an online resource:

Do you want your business to be around for one year, or for the rest of your life?
Each time you add an article or blog post to your website it becomes part of your
total ‘story’, plus an addition to the overall amount of relevant information of
which the search engines analyse to determine how they should rank you on
search result pages.

Original, interesting organic content is text, either in article form or as blog posts,
which builds up your business’s online identity. When you add a new piece of
writing to your website it has a cumulative effect. The amount of information
accessible to site visitors grows exponentially.


Consistently updating your content shows dedication:

It is not simply how much content you have that is important to the search
engines, or to human beings visiting the site. You need to have a consistent
flow of new, relevant content
being added to your website. Both people and the
search engine ‘spiders’ see sites that regularly update new information as being
more important.

The reasons are simple. When you actively participate online in the field of
business you’ve dedicated your life to, it shows both people and machines you
are genuinely passionate about what you do. This consistent expression of your
thoughts, opinions, ideas and factual information is what separates the good
websites from the bad. MiContent’s article and blog writing packages ensure you
have original, interesting and varied content added to your website on a regular


SEO Keyword-enriched articles:

This writing is specially crafted around the keyword phrases and terms people are
searching for in relation to your target market. The content has these SEO keywords
flawlessly integrated into the text
, so there is no chance the writing can lose its
passion or integrity.

MiContent meets and interviews its clients in order to ascertain what makes their
business different from the competition, then sews in these facts and ideals into
the writing, so you can truly feel it is ‘your own’. If you are excited about what
you do, it makes the job easier for us, as we can take your enthusiasm and palpably
weave it into the writing.


The value of linking:

Hyperlinks to other articles and web pages on your own website, as well as to associated
external websites adds another entire dimension to each writing piece. Google and other
search engines see that all of your ideas are connected, while readers interested in your
content can click onwards on a trail of discovery, as they uncover more and more valuable
insights and knowledge from your professional perspective.


Real human content:

Making your articles and text ‘human’, as opposed to generic writing bereft of emotional
connection, is another element that will separate your website from the crowd.