micontent: my internet content

MiContent looks at the finer details of your website content and tells you where
it is working and where it is not. There are a number of areas where content can
be analysed. We look at the overall quality of writing, how it is formatted on the
website page, whether or not keywords are being used effectively and efficiently,
how you are linking to other pages and websites, and if so, whether you are using
correct ‘anchor text’.

MiContent also looks at article and blog post structure, use of images and video,
blog comment style, article headings, subtitles, image descriptions, meta tags,
meta phrases, and even how your overall website looks in terms of appearance
and usability. How large is your text font, and what style do you use? Does the
colour of your website page affect readability?

We will interview you and ascertain the type of visitors you are aiming to bring
to your site. MiContent can write for innumerable different audiences, but does
your writing style suit your intended readership? Some websites like plain
and simple English that any person can relate to, while others incorporate more
professional jargon and complex terminology, as they are writing for a niche

Do you want the writing to sound casual or serious? Most businesses need to
show the deep level of knowledge and experience they have through their content,
and taking a professional stance often does this. However, other companies
pride themselves on not taking life too seriously, and thus enjoy content that can
go as far as even expressing humour or fun.

The choice is yours, but you may currently be expressing a completely different
feel to your website than you intended. We’ll let you know what your writing
says ‘between the lines’, and write articles and blog posts based around your
unique needs.