micontent: my internet content

If your website has writing on it, be it the static text on each of your web pages,
or text for articles or blog posts, chances are it needs to be edited. This is no
reflection on your writing abilities, although most honest people will admit
writing is not their specialty; their specialty is whatever service or product they
are exhibiting on their website.

Website content editing looks at the obvious elements of spelling and grammar,
but this is only the beginning of the process. True content editing also takes into
consideration the structure of your writing pieces. Are you expressing your ideas
in a logical fashion? Does each paragraph lead onto the next with subsequent
additional points adding to the overall story?



Next, MiContent looks at where in the writing you can insert deep hyperlinks
to other associated pages or articles on the website. Search engines love back
linking. This also helps site visitors (who are essentially potential customers) find
the exact information they are interested in reading about.

Furthermore, after interviewing staff at your business, we’ll see where we can insert
external links to other websites related to your own business. Of course if we
are sending someone elsewhere on the internet, we’ll open up the related website
in a new window, leaving your site to remain accessible.

Search engines value these external links, but they also help to create connections
with other websites in the same field
of business as your own. When these other
companies and blogs then incorporate hyperlinks in their text back to your site,
you now having ‘incoming links’, which are seen as incredibly important in the online

In the meantime, you are also creating a small community that sees your website as a
portal where valid and interesting discussion occurs. This leads to people commenting
and having conversations on your blog posts, and the social media function of your
website is born.